GAP Insurance Solutions by Mercedes-Benz

Protect yourself against financial uncertainty.
GAP Insurance Solutions

Finance GAP Insurance by Mercedes-Benz

If your vehicle is under a finance agreement, Finance GAP protects your obligations should the vehicle be written off or stolen and not recovered. If your motor vehicle insurance payout is not enough to cover the outstanding settlement on your finance contract, Finance GAP is designed to cover the shortfall. Finance GAP can also cover additional benefits up to your selected amount for motor insurance excess, on-road costs, establishment fee and motor insurance premium on your replacement vehicle. Please see our brochure below for an example of how this protection could cover you.

Purchase Price GAP Insurance by Mercedes-Benz

Whether you purchase your vehicle using finance or not, as you use your vehicle its value depreciates. Purchase Price GAP is designed to protect you against depreciation by returning you to the same position as the day the vehicle was purchased. If the vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered, Purchase Price GAP could cover the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the original invoice price of the vehicle. Please see our brochure below for an example of how this protection could cover you.

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