Success is a team effort.


Luke Brown, New Car Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz Toowong
Luke Brown, New Car Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz Toowong walked away with the coveted Australian Sales Manager of the Year Award for Mercedes-Benz this year. We managed to get a little time from him to answer some questions about him, his work and his relationship with Mercedes-Benz.
Q: Congratulations on winning Sales Manager of the year.  What some of the main factors that you believe helped you achieve this award?
A: I can’t really take any credit for this, it is more so a team effort. From the detailers to the service department to the customers who we are lucky enough to meet on a daily basis. I have a great team of people who are extremely customer focused and I won my award because of them.
Q: You recently had a chance to try find out more about the new E-Class. What are your impressions of this high tech vehicle?
The E-Class is truly an unbelievable machine. The New Technology coming through our vehicles is amazing. The new and improved safety systems are amazing and the comfort of the vehicle has taken a giant leap forward.
Q: How long have you worked with Mercedes-Benz?
A: I have been lucky enough to have been with Mercedes-Benz for 6 years now. Our vehicles have changed dramatically since I began and the introduction of ngcc models have really developed our brand. It’s an exciting time to be working for Mercedes-Benz.
Q: Which Mercedes-Benz would you say is your favourite and where would you take it for weekend Escape.
A: My favourite would have to be our AMG GT’s. It’s a two door performance machine. A drive up to the Sunshine Coast and through the hinterlands would be ideal, because not only would you get to see the beautiful country up there, it would also way to appreciate how great the GTs handle and perform.
Q: What you like to do in your free time?
A: My free time is spent with my partner finding new places to eat and drink. Apart from that, there is a fierce sporting rivalry between our staff so I can be found either watching or playing numerous sports.
Q: Favourite Bar in Brisbane?
A: My favourite is currently Bar 11 in the Valley. For somewhere close to work, Mariosarti Resaurant has a great wine list and delicious food.
Thanks for your time, Luke, and good luck in the future.