Notification of data breach incident occurring in early 2018

Mercedes-Benz Toowong informs customers of a data breach incident that occurred in early 2018 regarding unauthorised access to personal information stored with our third-party software provider, Dealer Drive.  Dealer Drive is a software program for recording the details of customers that take test drives and use service loan cars.

Our dealership was recently contacted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in regards to a current cyber-crime investigation which has identified a historical data breach relating to customer information held in our Dealer Drive account in early 2018.  Our dealership was informed that a limited number of driver’s licence images were obtained during the AFP’s investigation.  It is believed that unauthorised access was gained through a ‘phishing’ email in early 2018.

The types of personal information held in the Dealer Drive platform include driver’s licences, contact phone numbers, email addresses, test drive details and signatures.

If you test drove a vehicle at Mercedes-Benz Toowong or had the use of a courtesy vehicle in early 2018, your personal data may be impacted. 

We strongly recommend that you take the following steps to help protect your identity and to mitigate the impacts of potential identity fraud:

1. Contact any or all of the following credit bureaus to obtain a current credit report to ascertain if there has been any recent unknown activity or unexpected adverse impact on your credit history:



illion Australia 734 806
Experian Australia 783 684
Equifax 332

If you have identified any recent unknown activity or unexpected adverse impact on your credit history then contact the Department of Transport and Mains Roads on  13 23 80 or via other methods available on their website to request the cancellation and re-issue of your driver’s licence

Mercedes-Benz Toowong takes your privacy very seriously.  Our business maintains a Data Breach Response Plan and Privacy Policy that is regularly reviewed.  Our Privacy Policy is located at  Our staff also receive training in relation to the Australian Privacy Principles, data breaches and cybersecurity. 

Unfortunately, cybercrime is a regular occurrence impacting Australian businesses and individuals alike.  Whilst we are disappointed that this data breach has occurred, we believe that being open and transparent and working hand in hand with our customers and suppliers maintains trust and provides a united front in the fight against cybercrime.

  We are working with Dealer Drive in a collaborative manner to work through how the breach occurred and how we can minimise the likelihood of any similar occurrences in future.  This incident will also be reported to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mercedes-Benz Toowong using the following details:

by email at

by telephone at (07) 3870 4500


Ben Haywood

Dealer Principal