Smarter than an A380.


The all new Mercedes-Benz E-Class has arrived.
Controlled by more lines of code than an A380 Airbus, the tenth generation E-Class launched in Australia last month. Featuring a wealth of innovative technologies belonging to Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive which set new standards in safety, connectivity and invigorating comfort and taking the strain out of driving it intuitively protects you like none before it. The all new E-Class not only moves you, but actively guides you on the road to autonomous and accident-free driving.
Enjoy every moment
Even more space to unfold in: featuring a new seating concept and the ultimate in high-class appeal, the interior of the new E-Class offers unprecedented comfort, highlighting Mercedes-Benz’s modern interpretation of luxury. Tangibly exclusive with a broad selection of new equipment and appointments, attractive colour concepts and materials such as the finest leather and open-pore wood. For a setting that’s tailor-made to make you feel at home.
Moving you out of harm’s way
It is inherent in the architecture of a vehicle that the sides tend to be particularly exposed in the event of a collision. So how can the driver and front passenger be offered even better protection? Our engineers rose to this challenge and came up with PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side. When a side collision is identified as being unavoidable, the newly developed system controls the inflation of air chambers in the seat’s side bolster. This takes place in a fraction of a second. As a preventive measure, the occupants can be moved towards the centre of the vehicle, thus increasing their distance from the door. A world-first that augments the PRE-SAFE® systems to provide 360° all-round protection.
Discover a whole new world of driving
Intuitive operation, innovative presentation. The new Widescreen Cockpit with flat-screen look – only available in conjunction with COMAND Online – consists of two 31.2 cm (12.3-inch) high-resolution displays. It offers a graphic representation of vehicle functions in colour. The driver can choose from the three dynamic
display styles “Classic”, “Sport” and “Progressive”. We have also come up with an ingenious idea for your inductively chargeable smartphone: just place it on the charging station in the centre console.
Supreme assurance with Active Brake Assist.
Slowing things down is also part of progress – for safety’s sake. Active Brake Assist,
which is included in the standard scope of equipment, also responds to
pedestrians crossing the road at vehicle speeds of up to 55 km/h – rising to
approx. 65 km/h in the next generation to be included in the Driving Assistance
This combines innovative safety and assistance systems which now relieve
the driver’s workload even more effectively and are able to improve the level of
protection for the vehicle’s occupants and other road users.
Explore it for yourself, contact our sales team on 07 3870 4500 and book a test drive today.