Take time out with Risko Isic of Mariosarti.


Mariosarti Restaurant
We find out a little bit more about Risko Isic – joint owner of Mariosarti and valued customer of Mercedes-Benz Toowong.
Q - What inspired your passion for food and what does food mean to you?
I discovered my passion for food at a young age. My Mum was a chef so I was surrounded by lots of good, fresh food and cooking.
In Switzerland where I grew up, I would describe the cuisine as a flavourful blend of German, French, and Italian influences. It plays a very important role their lives – they think with their food and what you eat is who you are.
Food is and always has been a major part of my life. I think that cooking good food is something of an art-I call myself an artist!
Q - What do you love most about the restaurant?
There are two major things that I love about the restaurant. Firstly, the people who work with me, I am very fortunate to be able say that we are like a family. We are all passionate about the business, food and customer service and our vision is to provide the perfect dining experience for our customers, one that they won’t forget.
Secondly, the restaurant itself. A modern twist on Italian dining. It’s elegant and inviting with indoor, alfresco and private dining options available. The atmosphere, food and service blend together perfectly to provide our customers with a unique dining experience.
Q- Any regrets or things you would change?
I don’t really have any regrets, but if I could go back in time and give myself some advice when I was starting out at the restaurant 3 years ago, I would definitely tell my younger self to believe in myself more. When you are starting out in business, there is such a fear that things might not work out and because I didn’t have much experience, I was always worried about this. So to my younger self (and others starting out)… believe in yourself and go for it, as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained.
Q - Do you have any other exciting ventures on the horizon?
Yes, we actually have quite a few! From February next year, we will be the first restaurant in the country to offer a full dining experience on a Ferris wheel. We have been trialling the concept for the past year with a special desert offering and it has been a great success! So every Saturday night beginning the 1st February you will be able to dine on the Wheel of Brisbane with Mariosarti – it is a view you will definitely not be able to get at any other restaurant.
Q - Please tell us an interesting fact not many people know about you!
A lot of people don’t know that I came to Australia as a refugee in 2000. I came with my Mum and Dad on a refugee boat.
Q - In your opinion, why do your regulars keep coming back?
I think they come back because of the experience and personal attention to detail that we provide for them. Mariosarti offers a unique dining experience with a warm service and we want to make sure everyone feels like they’ve been here before even when it’s there first time.