Spot the fake.


Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts at Mercedes-Benz Toowong
At first sight, genuine and counterfeit replacement parts may appear virtually identical, but key differences may have serious consequences when it comes to safety.
Each year forgeries in the automotive industry alone are thought to be increasing by nine to eleven percent. A dangerous development, since the replacement parts copied are increasingly relevant to the vehicle safety: filters, brake pads, windshields and steering columns are amongst the most frequently confiscated counterfeit products.
No matter how big or small a part for your vehicle is, using a non genuine part can affect the overall performance and safety of your vehicle.
It is such an important issue, that the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has created a website, to help consumers understand the key differences between non-genuine and genuine parts when it comes to safety across many different brands including Mercedes-Benz, and how to stay genuine.
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