5 Minutes with Thomas Vaughan

Thomas Vaughan - Service Advisor

Recently promoted to Service Advisor

We take time out to find out more about Thomas Vaughen who started with us and an Apprentice Mechanic who has worked his way through the business and was recently been promoted into the role of Service Advisor.

When did you start with Mercedes-Benz Toowong? 

I left school in March 2011 to look for an apprentice position within the brand. I was originally offered a job with Mercedes-Benz Macgregor, but then transferred to Mercedes-Benz Toowong when a position became available as it is closer to home for me.

Congratulations on the promotion to Service Advisor. What are you enjoying most in your new role? 

I really enjoy the personal side of being a Service Advisor, talking to people, understanding their needs and helping to solve any issues they have.  I completed 3 years as a call mechanic for Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance and enjoyed the customer interface side of the job which made me want to become a Service Advisor.

What will you miss most about not being on the tools anymore?

Thomas Vaughan

Mechanics is hobby of mine, so I will miss doing it as a job, but the upside is I will be able to appreciate doing work to my own cars and machines at home. I’ll miss driving all the different cars as well.

What is your favourite model and why? 

The SLS 63 AMG has always had a spot in my heart I love the long stretched GT shape of the bonnet and the streamline look of the rest of the body. It is a car that can be taken to the track but also can be taken for a run up and down the coast in complete comfort.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work? 

I enjoy trips to the beach, Dirt and quad bike riding up through the mountains and spending time with my family and friends.

Favourite Restaurant?

Any good Italian restaurants pasta and pizza, or sometimes Mexican depending on how I’m feeling.