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Meet Sam Fuller. AMG Brand Manager.


Meet Sam Fuller, AMG Brand Manager
For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with cars. When I was growing up I would try to concentrate on my homework, but the call of the latest Wheels or Motor Magazine would always win and I could often be found memorising the power, top speed and 0-100 times of cars instead of my times tables!
I grew up on Sydney’s North Shore and I still remember the day Dad brought his first Mercedes-Benz, I was in love. The object of my affection you ask? It was a second hand, green 1979 280 SE, from that day forward we became a ‘Merc family’.
Whilst I have held various roles within the automotive industry, I always aspired to work for Mercedes-Benz and earlier this year I moved to Brisbane to take up the role as AMG Brand Manager with Mercedes-Benz Toowong.
There is no better way to start your career with AMG than a trip to Germany.
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn more about Mercedes AMG first hand with a trip to Germany. You can imagine, as a diehard petrol head and AMG fan I was quick to accept.
Training commenced with a VIP trip to the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is hard to describe the scale of the motor show, the Mercedes-Benz Pavilion alone was nearly bigger than the entire Sydney Motor Show and the crowds were absolutely staggering. By far and away the most impressive sight for me was the stage show for the AMG range complete with cars twirling around on stage under a choreographed light show with live drumming and an enthusiastic compare, truly a spectacle in the car world like nothing I have seen before.
The following morning we were greeted at the hotel by an impressive line up of AMG vehicles, including two AMG GTs. We were encouraged to push them to the limit on a 6 hour drive from Frankfurt to Stuttgart through some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever driven through. My highlight for the day was undoubtedly putting the models through their paces on the autobahn. Experiencing the ease and composure with which the AMG vehicles will happily dawdle along at 200+km/h is extraordinary. It took my appreciation of the engineering in an AMG to another level.
Such an experience would not be complete without a visit to the AMG headquarters in Affalterbach and our day finished with an access all areas tour.  Above all, it was truly heart-warming to see the pride, camaraderie and enthusiasm that each and every person in the whole facility brings to the table every day.
The next two days were a mix of product training, Q&A sessions with product planners and some very special tours of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre, the Mercedes-Benz museum, and the AMG GT production line. I could have spent days looking around the factories, but alas our short time in Germany was over. Having that immersive experience was an incredible way to begin my Brand Manager journey and it really reinforced what I already believe, namely that AMG produce the most exciting and driver friendly performance cars in the world.