Introducing our new Brand Ambassador Chef Shannon Kellam


Introducing our new Brand Ambassador Chef Shannon Kellam
It is with great pleasure that we announce our new partnership with chef Shannon Kellam of Brisbane’s iconic Montrachet Restaurant.
Chef Kellam has been a part of the global culinary scene for over 20 years and has beaten the world’s top Chefs in open competition. With ambition coursing through his veins Shannon secured 12th place at this year’s global Bocuse d’Or championship.
Shannon’s passion not only lies in food. He is a keen car enthusiast and is now taking this love of cars to a new level in joining us as our ambassador or, as we like to call him ‘Friend of the Brand’.
“Sharing the same core values of superb quality, innovative thinking and first-rate customer service, representing Mercedes-Benz Toowong made perfect sense to me.” - Shannon Kellam.
As we build our partnership together, you will start to see Shannon’s influence in our cafe, starting with the introduction of delicious French Pastries provided by Chef Kellam on the weekends to complement your next test drive.
As one of our customers you will also have the opportunity to meet Shannon at our launches and events throughout the year. And don’t forget, if you happen to be dining at Montrachet, let them know that you are a Mercedes-Benz Toowong customer.